This is the personal web site of Rod Stowell

I have been taking photographs for more years than I care to remember and consider my standard to be that of a good “club photographer”, even though I have the Royal Photographic Society Associate distinction.

My photography is varied and principaly to suit myself, if I manage to produce an image suitable for competition then that is a bonus.

I do of course have particular interests (which seem to change as the years go by) one of which is motoring in general and motor sport in particular. I also enjoy photographing wild life if it steps out in front of me, but I am not energetic enough to pursue the subject with any degree of seriousness.

All my images are now taken with digital cameras. Some of the images are processed in Photoshop, mostly for printing, but in many instances the jpg from the camera is good enough for the internet.

The galleries are constantly updated with new material while some more personal folders will be taken down after a while.

Please browse, call regularly and use the contact e-mail if you have a worthwhile comment. RJS.